Mission Assessment

by Don Felgenhauer K7BFL

October 1, 2011


During an Emcomm Mission it is good if  “assessments” can be done during the mission.    The purposes of the assessments are to determine if changes need to be made to the processes used during the mission.    A typical mission would include assessments about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way through the mission.   The assessment would be chaired by someone from Command, with possible input from all involved persons.   It is important to conduct the assessment in as little time as possible, while obtaining a valid assessment.


  1. What can be Changed to improve our results?


  1. What can be Deleted to improve our results?


  1. If we have “dead time”, what can we Add to improve our results or accomplish needed training?



Specific Questions which might be asked could include:


  1. Are there any safety, health, or conduct issues with any of our personnel?
  2. Are there any stations with poor signal strength or audio quality?
  3. Are we using an efficient Command structure?
  4. Should our Net procedures be changed?
  5. Should we divide the Net?
  6. Should we move the Net to a different frequency within this band, or to a different band?
  7. Should we change Repeaters?
  8. Are WL2K Users using the same RMS station, when they could be using different RMS stations?
  9. Do we need more Relay stations?
  10. What do we need, that we don’t have, or isn’t working well?
  11. Do we need more on-site help from other counties or states?