WSN Newsletter
  July 2010
Updated Roster

by  Don Calbick, W7GB

This Wednesday (May 12) is my 75th birthday. This also happens to be the day that I got my first ham ticket in 1950 at the tender age of 15. The license was a "Class B" license which gave me CW privileges on 160, 80, 40, 20 and 10 meters (plus VHF). There was no 15 meter ham band and there was no novice class license. I think there was phone privileges on 10 meters, maybe on 160 too. 

To get phone privileges on 75 and 20 meters, I took (and passed) the Class A test - one year later. Yes, one had to operate one year on CW - and as proof, show the FCC examiner your station log - before taking the Class A exam. I took took all my FCC exams in New York City, before an FCC examiner.

During spring vacation in April 1950, this 14 year-old took a train, then a ferry to NYC and appeared before the FCC. It was a daunting experience. When I walked into the examination room, the examiner was tuning the low end of 20 meter CW and said he was checking for out-of-band operation. Boy, did that make an impression!

The next thing I had to do was take my application to have it notarized. The notary public happened to be the owner of a tavern around the corner so in walks this 14 year-old in among the old men having beer and thrust my ap and $2 to the owner. No problem. Back to the FCC office I went for the code test.

The Class B test was 13 WPM. After climbing off the 10 WPM plateau, I could copy 15 WPM solid but in the FCC office, 13 WPM seemed like 25 WPM. But with sweat dripping off my fingertips, I copied the 13 WPM solid for 5 minutes (1 minute required). There was a sending CW test too - that is, sending on a straight key, and it better sound good. I had learned CW on a straight key (the best way to learn). I was supposed to send for 1 minute but after 10 seconds, the examiner complimented me on my great fist and boy did that get me cranked up for the written test.

I remember lots of schematic diagrams I had to draw, math computations, multiple-choice. I handed it it in, the FCC examiner shook my hand and 6 weeks later - yes, we had to be patient and wait - my first license arrived with the call sign W2EIK. Gosh, that was 60 years ago and I remember it like it happened yesterday. I moved to Washington state in '56 and had W7GYF before getting W7GB in 1976.

One year later ('51), I went in, took the Class A test and passed it. 17 years later, in 1968, I went to the same hot FCC office and took the Extra Class test. This time, the CW test was 20 WPM and since I had been (and still am) a CW aficionado and on WSN (and NTS) for 9 years, the 20 WPM was a breeze. The written was easy too.

So what's the first thing I'll do on my 75th birthday? Net control WSN at 7:30, then handle traffic on my weekly TCC CW sked with Bruce, KA2GJV. How 'bout that!

73,  Don  W7GB 


Allen, I thought you guys may be interested in this for the newsletter.

I am graduating from Central Washington University this June 12 Magna Cum Laude  (3.7 GPA) with a B.S.E.E.T Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology.

I am Valedictory Speaker at Commencement. 18 people submitted speeches, they narrowed it to 3 for the judging panel, and I was selected. (Being a member of Toastmasters for the last 4 years probably helped.)

I have been accepted into the CWU MSET (Master of Science in Engineering Technology) program.

I have been offered (and I accepted) a Teaching Assistantship during the first year of my Masters studies. I will apply for another next year. The assistantship includes a stipend for 20 hours of work, half of that goes to tuition. I will assist the profs and probably teach at least one class in the year, maybe more.

PS, CONGRATULATIONS: To Chris for the fine accomplishment. All of us from WSN wish him good luck in his CWU MSET Program.

Also I wish to thank Chris for the very fine job he is doing as RN7 QNB Station on WSN.

2010 ARRL VHF QSO Party

By Leroy Smith, N7EIE

It had been a few years since I went out roving in VHF/UHF contests with my grandkids as drivers. 2006, or so. But now four years later, the open road, it did beckon.

The grid squares in Western Washington happen to be set up so six are accessible from 101 around the Olympic Peninsula, but I needed a driver. W7QM was nice enough to help out, him driving and me talking/logging, and his XYL Bev in the back.

We used a 6M ham stick horizontally polarized out the back of my mini-van, and a Elk 144 / 440 MHZ log periodic horizontal antenna on top. The radio was my stand-by rig, an ICOM-706. Logging program was 4 ink pens, paper, and a clipboard.

We hit the road in Olympia soon after 1000 Saturday, and made it into and out of all six grid-squares before making it back to Olympia at 1900. The south edge of Ocean Shores was in grid CN76, so we had stopped there for supper.

I made a few more contacts while stopped a few times on the way home that evening, then from my driveway Sunday morning. Then I drove to Enumclaw that afternoon on a grid square edge, then traveled up into the northeast foothills of Mt. Rainier for our eighth grid square.

We got a total of 91 contacts on all three bands while activating eight grid squares all weekend. I had a great time, we may do it again sometime.

The dinner we had was at the Shilo Inn in Ocean Shores. It’s a fabulous place to enjoy dinner with a very nice atmosphere and the food was excellent. If you ever go to ocean shores for lunch or dinner be sure to stop at the Shilo Inn. “ Allen W7QM”

2010 WSN Field Day 
 by Leroy, N7EIE

In 2008 Al, W7QM, Allen, my grandson, and I ran Field Day from the Nisqually Pines Clubhouse and Evacuation Center for the first time. I had put up a G5RV thirty feet up in the trees, and we got 54 contacts Saturday. I didn’t do much Sunday except ‘clean up’ since it was so hot: 98 outside, 105 inside.

In 2009 I discovered I have to put in for the clubhouse a full year ahead of time lest it be reserved. June weddings are popular.

So I did, and we had the clubhouse again in the same place with the same antenna. I set up my TS-570 for the SSB contacts and traffic, and tested my one-year-old Flex 3000 SDR as the CW station.

We did quite well, almost double our first effort, garnering a total of 90 contacts on both days, and a BUNCH of bonus points. Technically it was a very successful Field Day test because we found that the SDR will load on the CW portions of all five Field Day bands (80-10) with maximum power with no gliches, but most importantly, no software interference. The G5RV at the clubhouse works better than my G5RV at home. Grr.

Thanks again go to Al and Bev for their integral support throughout Field Day, and hopefully we can do it again next year. We had no visitors this year, but maybe we will do better in that aspect with more advertising next year.




I enjoyed the Field Day with Leroy and the Clubhouse is an excellent place to hold it. Again we had a nice dinner of Kentucky Fried Chicken with all the trimmings. I am looking forward again to next year.  “Allen W7QM”


8-14-2010, Radio Club of Tacoma, Spanaway, WA.

9-18 2010, Micro Hams Digital Conference, Redmond, WA

9-25-2010, Wash State Convention, Spokane, WA



On June 1, 2010, I was elected as WSN Mgr for another 2 years. I will try my very best to do a good job for all of us. To do a good job I need help from all of you and I appreciate the help I have received from all of you in the past. We are all getting older and it is very difficult to find new members that will join a CW Net.

The Digital Mode seems more interesting to the new Hams now days so that’s what they are interested in. I keep looking for someone to help us with the positions that  we need help in but I don’t have much luck finding any but I keep trying. My Best to all of you and see you on WSN.


Allen W7QM

WSN QNI for April, May, June, 2010

W7QM 166, K7BFL 46, W7BXH 47, VE7DWG 25, N7EIE 136, KA7EKL 86, W7GB 144,

W7JG 130, N7JJ 29, KV4K 29, W7LG 73, W7NDO 49, W7NWP 120, WA7OJI 47, KD7REM 31

W7TVA 44, WA7WBY 34, N7YRT 53, W7ZIW 100, N7CM 4, K7JAL 1, N7RR 1

WSN QTC for April,  May, June, 2010

 W7QM 135, K7BFL 20, N7EIE 79, W7GB 44, W7JG 6, W7LG 13, KD7REM 8, N7YRT 18,

 W7ZIW 4


WSN Activity Report



AUG 8 N7EIE, 14 W7QM


OCT 14 W7JG, 10 N7RR

So Happy Birthday to all of you and we wish you many more.


Well are you all ready for the heat of summer?  We put our A/C in the window today, so we are ready.  WSN has been rolling along.  The morning sessions have been a little skimpy, but evenings are good QNI.  We didn't do Field Day this year.  Instead we went to a family birthday party at the local lake and we had good weather. That is about all I have this time.  Have a great summer season.

Pati W7ZIW, Assistant Manager. WSN.