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  July 2012
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W7JG   ---  Del Kohler SK

[from note by Del to Scott, W7IZ]
Del was licensed 1938 as W9CCF, St Joe, MN, HS grad '40 St Cloud Tech, CCC 1940-41, CAA as Jr Meteorologist '42, Maritime Radio School (Gallup's Is.) RO SS Caribstar early war years, ATC (air transport command) northern division approx 2 years, USN Aviation cadet, V5 program transferred to electronics program - Wright Jr College, Texas A&M, USS Chandeleur AV10, dischg from Phila. Navy Yard.  St John's Univ. PreMed 3 yrs, Creighton Univ. Med school grad 1953.  Moved to WA state and have been in General Practice of Medicine since, 44 years of it, retired in '98.  Lost my soul mate after 53 years of bliss in '03.  Have a great family including 14 grandchildren.  Mountain in back in photo is Mt Rainier, elev 14,410, a dormant volcano in the Cascade Range.

[Del was also very active on RN7 and WSN and he will be missed!!]

[from obituary in the Tacoma News Tribune]
Dr. Del Kohler October 14, 1922 - June 12, 2012 Del (Delphin Gustave Kohler) was born in St. Cloud, MN, the second of twelve children. He served proudly during the Second World War, as a radio operator in the Navy. While attending St. Johns University he met the love of his life, Kathleen Krava, while she attended neighboring St. Benedicts College in St. Joseph, MN. They married and headed to Omaha, NE where Del attended Creighton University Medical School. On the trip from MN to Omaha, they traveled in an old convertible stuffed with their belongings. As dad told it, they drove through a storm and strong winds tore the roof off. They just laughed and so began the grand adventure of their lives.

The first two of eight children were born in Omaha: Kristin and Erik. The growing family moved to Washington State, where Del finished his residency at St. Joseph Hospital. Ellen, Michael, Thomas, James, Marguerite and Andrew were born at the same hospital. Del practiced Family Medicine in the Federal Way area with Kathleen as his Medical Technologist until he was 75. They were a perfect team and Kathleen a "dynamo", as he liked to describe her. The thousands of patients they served together were provided outstanding care with a unique blend of compassion and personal attention. Dad accepted patients who were not covered by the usual private insurances, despite the fact that he did not profit. His priority was providing care first. He was loved dearly and patients often recognized him and would come up in public places saying, "Hey Doc Kohler, you delivered me" or "Hi Dr. Kohler, you took care of me and my family, do you remember me?" He would smile and respond, "Yes and how is your mother doing? "

Surprisingly, he was a shy man, preferring to listen rather than be heard, and always had the wheels turning in his intelligent head. He read voraciously with special interests in philosophy and astronomy. A favorite quote by Galileo Galilei: "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use". Del and Kathy built a home in Browns' Point, above Commencement Bay with a sweeping view of Tacoma, Mt. Rainier and the Olympics. Del chose the site for practical reasons too: radio reception. He was an avid ham radio operator, his call W7UMJ then W7JG. He participated in the WA and AK rescue networks as a volunteer.

He loved adventure and took his large family hiking and cross country skiing, and infused them with his same love for the beautiful NW and Alaskan backcountry. He climbed Mt.Rainier on 5 different occasions and visited Alaska every summer for many years. Classical music filled the family home at all times and the volume decibels increased with the years. Del lost his "mighty mite", Kathleen, in 2003. His children stayed close and were a source of comfort and support after this tremendous and unexpected loss. The years following her death were not always easy for him. He joked that he hoped Mom left the backdoor to heaven open. We are sure that the front door was opened wide and he is welcomed on his departure from this earth into the vast galaxies of what his scientific mind determined heaven to be. We will miss you and love you Dad, as you embark on the last great adventure.

The family sends thanks to the staff at St. Francis PCU, Dr. Clark Palliative Care, Glori Chaplain and Dr.Dudkowska for their exquisite, loving care of our Dad. Funeral Mass will be held 10:00 a.m. Monday, June 18, 2012 at St. Theresa's Catholic Church, 3939 SW 331st St., Federal Way, WA 98023


Northwestern Division Ham Convention
June 1. 2, and 3, 2012
Seaside Convention Center
415 First Avenue, Seaside Oregon

Another SeaPac is in the books.   Scott, W7IZ sent these fine photos of Don W7GB and Pati W7ZIW.    Thanks...Scott!

Reflections from W7QM
by Allen, W7QM

Hi Don,

I am glad to hear from you.  I don't really have anything of interest for the Newsletter but I did want to thank all the folks who helped me to run a good and interesting Net.  I as WSN Manager for a full 10 years and I am very proud of that.  I would have liked to have kept the job for a while longer but I will be 84 next month and felt it was time for a new person to take on the job of WSN Manager.

I congratulate Guy, N7YRT for taking the job and I know he will do a very good job also.   Please put this in the WENS Newsletter for me with a Million thanks for all those who helped me to keep the Newsletters going, especially you who are the main person that made the Newsletter going with a very nice format.

CUL  73

Allen W7QM

Info about our Friday NCS
by Bill Casto, W7NDO

Hi Don. 
I would like to thank the Net for putting up with me on Friday nights. I suppose I should give a little history about myself.  I am not new to traffic handling but it has been a while.  I was a Navy radioman during WWII with PT Boats and Navy Amphibs. Building radio stations for advance bases in the Solomons, New Guinea and the Philippines.

After the war, I sailed with the U.S. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY in the Bering Sea andgot interested in Ham radio and got my license the winter of 1948.  I  belonged to the Valley Amateur Radio Club in Puyallup and one of my close friends was Ev Snider W7OEB - K7DO - W7DO (SK).

I was recalled for active duty for the Korean war and stayed in the Navy . My last ship was a carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin...When I retired from the Navy in 1970, I got my commercial license and spent the next 15 years as a Radio Officer on freighters, tankers and survey ships..Retired fully in 1990 and took up RVing.

Although I never let my license expire I was inactive for a lot of years and when I decided to get back in Ham radio, I was shocked at how technical it was and how far behind I was..But there was always CW.

Now I am 86 years old and ready for the "Home".  I am giving away (FREE) many years of parts collection to anyone who is  interested.  In the meantime, I plan to keep pounding the brass as long as I am able...Tnx and 73's...Bill W7NDO

Editors Note:   Bill...thank you for your USN service and taking on the Friday NCS duties!

K7BFL on the Road
by Don K7BFL

XYL Elvera and I left Spokane on July 15, neading north.  If all goes well we will be in Fairbanks early in August.   We are driving our Dodge truck, pulling a 22 ft long trailer.   This will be the 4th trip to Alaska for that trailer.    We "enjoy the journey", so are not in a big rush to "get there".    While in Fairbanks we will visit Ed, AL7N, who is the NTS CW guy for Alaska.    Don W7GB, Scott W7IZ, and I check in with Ed at random times, sending and receiving traffic with Alaska.    Ed monitors 3 HF frequencies 24/7.   He says he can hear  us calling, even when he is "sleeping"!    The best frequency to usually get Ed is 14050 kHz....give him a try!

We will also visit several other friends along the way.  

You can follow our progress on a map:

We are planning on getting back home early in September.    My HF rig in the truck is a Icom 7000.   The HF antenna is either a monoband Hamstik or my homebrew "Clip Dipole".

So far the roads and weather have both been excellent....nice trip!   The photo was taken in Hyder, Alaska; as were about to go back into British Columbia.   The border crossing is about 100 feet beyond the bear!

Greeting from the new WSN Manager
by Guy Fiola, N7YRT

Greetings Don and the rest of the net,

I suppose it’s about time you hear from me as the new “manager”. First off I really want to thank Allen and all the rest of you for the outstanding job you’ve all done in the past.

A little bit about me, I’ve been a part of WSN for over 15 years and still feel like a newbie amongst some of you. I still work, and I own my own business so that’s why I’m not on in the AM session. Obviously I love CW like the rest of you and like to be a part of the NTS.  It took me a long time to volunteer for a NCS placement, I don’t know why exactly but I wish I had done it sooner. This is also true for the RN7 QNB I do on Saturday; I made some new friends there. 

(Now for the pitchJ) Our membership seems to be steady “lose one member, pick one up” etc.. and I know some of you hold many positions like RN7 QNB/ NCS/ and Alternate NCS.. What would be good is we all took a turn if we could and relieve those with multiple duties. We do have openings… Thursday RN7 QNB is open. It’s not really difficult and it would give you new friends that you will meet on RN7.  We also have Thursday Eve. Alt NCS open, this is really simple, if the designated NCS is gone you’re Net control, and it’s only once in the evening. If you feel like helping out let me know and it will happen. 

And one more thing; talk to your CW friends and invite them to the Net. I attended a “meeting” at a hamfest last year and about 20 cw ops were there, I was the only one involved in a traffic net, most of them didn’t know what most of the QN? Signals were. I should have made a pitch for the net at that time. Maybe you’re attending a hamfest with similar meetings, invite them, you just never know who’ll show up.

See you “on the Air” and I hope you all enjoy the Summer.


Guy Fiola


WSN Activity Report



AUG   8, N7EIE, AUG  14 W7QM

That’s all the Birthdays for the next three months.  So you all have a great day and we wish you many many more!

It was so nice to meet NTS'ers at SeaPac last month and renew friendships with others I knew.  My daughter drove me down to Seaside.  We had a few moments when we didn't know if we would get there or not. We got to Tacoma and the passenger seatbelt got all stuck and we tried everything to get it loose. She finally ended up calling her husband who ran over from Port Orchard and gave us his lovely truck and he took the Mustange back to Podunk.  So we were on our way again. We arrived in Seaside at our Hotel about 9:30 PM.

In the morning I attended the NTS meeting hosted by Scott W7IZ We all had an interesting discussion of NTS/Digital type stuff. It was so nice meeting new NTS'ers I had handled Traffic with and my old friends from years past. After the meeting my two daughters and Dan N7DRD went to Dooger's restaurant.  We had a nice lunch.  We did a little shopping in the afternoon and left Sunday morning after breakfast.

When I got back home I readied myself for surgery on my right shoulder. Very painful I might add, but I am doing nicely now and can use it to send my beloved CW. I would like to thank all who sent cards, they really helped get me through. Well we are in the midst of a Thunder lightening storm today and I have all the Antennas unhooked.  Hope I can get them back together again in the right order. Hi Hi!  See you all on the Nets.

Oh I would like to commend Allen W7QM for his many many years, 10 of them as Manager of WSN. He was very conscientious seeing that all skeds were filled and he put out an excellent Newsletter quartly. Thank you Allen from all of us. Allen turns 84 on August 14th. We wish you a lot more Allen and thank for your dedication to WSN.

73/88, gang , Pati, W7ZIW
WSN Assistant Manager