I. Calling the net to order. "RN7 RN7 DE  etc. etc."

II. Call for liaison to PAN (called "RN7/TX" "TX" OR "7T").
   All traffic going out of the 7th region goes to this station.

III. Call for the station going to PAN to receive RN7 tfc & bring back to the second session at 9:30. This station is called "RN7/RX", "RX" or "7R" and will be excused from RN7 at this time.

IV. Roll Call. The net control will call for liaison stations from ATN(Alberta),   BCEN(B.C.), IMN(Idaho/Mont),  OSN(Oregon), WSN(Wash), and KL7.
Each liaison station will check in, list traffic, and net control will pair off stations up or down in frequency  for the handling of traffic. Pay close attention and  take notes.

V. Closing of net. As soon as all the net business is taken care of, the net control will secure the net.

The Pacific Area Net (PAN) meets on 3652 khz (7052 Summer) at 8:30 PM, local time.
The Pacific Area coverage is as follows:
   RN6: Calif, Nevada, Hawaii, Pacific.
   RN7: Wash.,Ore., Ida., Mont., B.C., Alta., Alaska
   TWN: Wyo., Utah., Colo., Ariz., N. Mex.
   Liaison with Eastern & Central Area Nets is via TCC stations G, H, I, and J.

I.General Net call-up
II.Roll call according to region(RN6,RN7,TWN) and TCC assignment is generally in this order:
  Stn G: Brings tfc FROM CAN to PAN
  Stn H: Brings tfc FROM EAN to PAN
  RN6/RX(6R):Receives tfc from PAN, & takes to RN6
  RN7/RX(7R):Receives tfc from PAN, & takes to RN7
  TWN/RX(TR):Receives tfc from PAN, & takes to TWN

Net control will start the traffic moving by pairing off stations up or down 5, 10, 15 or 20 Khz.

  Stn I: Takes tfc from PAN, going to CAN.
  Stn J: Takes tfc from PAN, going to EAN
  RN6/TX(6T):Takes tfc from RN6, going to PAN
  RN7/TX(7T):Takes tfc from RN7, going to PAN
  TWN/TX(TT):Takes tfc from TWN, going to PAN

III. traffic handling continues. Pay close attention.
IV. Net control will excuse you when you're through.
V. Net is closed when all net business is done.

If you are RN7/TX, you will classify your tfc according to RN6, TWN, EAN, & CAN. See the NTS ROUTING GUIDE in the ARRL NET DIRECTORY. You will check inunder 7T & list your traffic.
You will KEY ON: Stn I for CAN tfc; Stn J for EAN tfc; Stn TR for TWN tfc; Stn 6R for RN6 tfc

If you are RN7/RX, you will check in under "7R"
You will KEY ON: Stn G for tfc fm CAN; Stn H for tfc fm EAN; Stn 6T for tfc fm RN6;Stn TT for tfc fm TWN

Important Note:It's simple to figure out to which stations you will be sending or receiving traffic . Pay attention & take notes. Listen to a few PAN sessions,then plunge in!

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