AA -- (Separation between parts of address or signature)

AA -- All after (use to get fills)

AB -- All before (used to get fills)

ADEE -- Addressee (name of person to whom message addressed)

ADR -- Address (second part of message)

 AR -- End of message (end of record copy)

 ARL -- (Used with "check", indicates use of ARRL numbered message in text.

AS -- Stand by; wait

B -- More (another message to follow)

 BK -- Break; break me; break-in (interrupt transmission on cw. Quick check on phone)

BN -- Repeat words Between ..... and ........

BT -- Separation (break) between address and text; between text and signature

 C -- Correct; yes

 HX -- (Handling Instructions. Optional part of preamble)

IMI -- Repeat; I say again. (Difficult or unusual words or groups)

 K -- Go ahead; over; reply expected. (Invitation to transmit)

 N -- Negative, incorrect; no more. (No more messages to follow)

 NR -- Number (Message follow)

PBL -- Preamble (first part of message)

 ...... -- Read back. (Repeat as received)

 R -- Roger; point. (Received; decimal point)

 SIG -- Signed; signature (last part of message)

SK -- Out; clear (end of communication, no reply expected)

 TU -- Thank you

WA -- Word after (used to get fills)

WB -- Word before (used to get fills)

A line above the group means that the group is sent as one character.

 (from ARRL Operating Aid)

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