International Q Signals

A Q signal followed by a ? asks a question. A Q Signal without the ? answers the question affirmatively, unless otherwise indicated.

 QRA -- What is the name of your station?

 QRG -- What is my exact frequency?

 QRH -- Does my frequency vary?

 QRI -- How is my tone? (1-3)

 QRK -- What is my signal intellegibility? (1-5)

 QRL -- Are you busy?

 QRM -- Is my transmission being interfered with?

 QRN -- Are you troubled by static?

 QRO -- Shall I increase transmitter power?

 QRP -- Shall I decrease transmitter power?

 QRQ -- Shall I send faster?

 QRS -- Shall I send slower?

 QRT -- Shall I stop sending?

 QRU -- Have you anything for me? (Answer in negative)

 QRV -- Are you ready?

 QRW -- Shall I tell ..... you are calling him?

 QRX -- When will you call again?

 QRZ -- Who is calling me?

 QSA -- What is my signal strength? (1-5)

 QSB -- Are my signals fading?

 QSD -- Is my keying defective?

 QSG -- Shall I send ..... messages at a time?

 QSK -- Can you work breakin?

 QSL -- Can you acknowledge receipt?

 QSM -- Shall I repeat the last message sent?

 QSO -- Can you communicate with ..... direct?

 QSP -- Will you relay to ..... ?

 QSV -- Shall I send a series of V's?

 QSW -- Will you transmit on ..... ?

 QSX -- Will you listen for ..... on ..... ?

 QSY -- Shall I change frequency?

QSZ -- Shall I send each word/group more than once? (Answer, send twice or ..... )

 QTA -- Shall I cancel number ..... ?

 QTB -- Do you agree with my word count? (Answer negative)

 QTC -- How many messages have you to send?

 QTH -- What is your location?

 QTR -- What is your time?

 QTV -- Shall I stand guard for you ..... ?

QTX -- Will you keep your station open for further communication with me?

 QUA -- Have you news of ..... ?

(from ARRL Operating Aid) 

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