A Winlink Gateway is an amateur radio station
which enables a ham radio user to send and receive emails
using an email address such as

Maps and Diagrams of Packet Nodes and Winlink Gateways in eastern Washington and surrounding area

A new Node is now available in Kittitas County.  KE7EIK-8 now running a "BPQ32 node" with two ports. Port 1 on 145.03 MHz and Port 2 on 447.125 R/442.125 T.  It can connect to the #ELN2:N7HHU-9 at Naneum Ridge, and to the Cle Elum (CLE) Node and the  K7RHT-10 Winlink Gateway.  To connect from KE7EIK-8 to a station on 145.03 use "C 1 station".     Thank you to Steve Carter, KE7EIK.

N7HHU-8 (ELN) 145.53 radio is back in service, as of July 13.  Thanks to Mark, KB7HDX!

The following Nodes and Winlink Gateways in eastern Washington are Out-of-Service (latest update July 25, 2021); please send new information to K7BFL)

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